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Living the Music

OK, so what is music to me and what does it mean to be “living the music”?

Well, music has it’s own life. It is real and alive in spirit and in form. It runs through your veins, as well as your lips, your hands, your piano and the minds of its listeners. It is a way of feeling. It is a way of expressing. It is a way of purging all of the filth and sludge and pain and wreckage of your life. It is a way of compartmentalizing and organizing situations and experiences into boxes that you can shuffle and rearrange until they make sense–until you can process them and let them go.

It is a way of life. Either you have it and you care about it, or you don’t.

It inspires military men to accomplish their missions and get them ready to jump and run. It inspires ballet dancers to glide across the stage and sweep and arc delicately and precisely. It creates big messy noises and crashes and roaring thunder and drama and ominousness. And it creates sweet, melodic lullabies to gently soothe babies to sleep.

It creates.

It creates in the listener the heart of the songwriter–bringing the consciousness of the writer to the listener in feeling and word.

When you have music, you can find your way through a dark night with tears and pain that no one else can understand except you. Music opens your soul to the blackness within, to free you from the pain you didn’t dare to touch, the truth you felt but didn’t dare to speak, the secret desire you don’t dare to share with others except vicariously through the words of a song–all with the comfort that someone else also knows how you feel, because they felt it too when they wrote it. You are not alone.

That is the power of music.

You are no longer alone in your thoughts, your pain, your joy, your daydream. Someone else has been there too and has given you a gift that allows you too feel and express the things you dare not say aloud in conversation, like “I love you”, “I hate  you”, “I hate myself”, “I am hurt and afraid”, or “I am scared”. It gives you an outlet for your rage. And sometimes, it just reminds you that you are beautiful and worthwhile, when you have somehow come to believe that you are nothing.

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House concerts ~ Spiritual centers ~ Fundraisers

As you may know, I had some surgery that will prevent me from playing out for a few more months, but I will be back up to par by July and am looking to book gigs between then and January.

Tips on house concerts, singer/songwriter shows, spiritual venues, fundraisers or any other recommended venue are appreciated. Please include contact information.

As always, thanks for your support.    

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