“Fly, Fiona, fly!

Someday your tears will all dry.

Oh, Fiona, listen to me…

Release the hate and love yourself free.”

~Welcome Home, Fiona


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“Move Ahead” is released

After a year of quelling the inner-demons that haunted me, telling me my music wasn’t good enough and I was just ‘not all that’, I have emerged victorious with an album I am proud to call my own. It was no short task, but it was worth it.

Move Ahead is finally released.


Posi-Awards Honorable Mention

My debut album, Move Ahead, gets noticed by the Posi-Music Awards Community and receives an honorable mention for my original track, “Love Knows the Way”. Woo hoo!  Not a bad way to start my recording career.


The Fiona Project Emerges

Welcome Home, Fiona is now in it’s final phases of completion for both the song production and the video. But we still need a lot of volunteers if we’re going to make this awareness and fundraising campaign a success. Help us protection our children from child sexual abuse. Get involved! Every hand helps.


Living the Music


Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved music. My mom says that even in the womb music calmed me, but my first real memory was playing with a little toy organ my grandmother had given me as a gift. I was 6 years old and was using the organ to play the tune to Edelweiss, which I was about to sing as a solo at a concert at a neighboring school, although I didn’t really know that was anything special at the time. Apparently, the minister’s wife (and local piano teacher) was visiting and heard me play and enlisted me into piano lessons.

At first, I had to walk to a neighbors house after school with her other kids and borrow their piano to practice (uphill, a half-mile, in the snow, barefoot–ha!, well not barefoot). I didn’t mind. But soon thereafter my Nana bought a piano for me to use and squeezed it into her tiny living room with the pool table already taking up the majority of the space. (A gift from my dad when he was young. Gee, how thoughtful. lol.)

Within the year I was writing my own songs and was allowed to play at least my first one at one of my early piano recitals.

I continued singing and playing whenever I had the chance and eventually found jazz as a fluke in high school, because I thought it would be fun if they had a vocal jazz Allstate.  Turns out they did and the rest is history.

More offers for lessons came in as I landed top scoring soprano in the state without even realizing it. William Fletcher from Concord Community School of Music then coached me and helped me through vocal nodules, college auditions and submission tapes, you name it.

Since then, I have always been at the right place at the right time and have made great friends, had terrific experiences (two of my favorites~singing with my old Big Band at the Elmhurst Jazz Festival in Chicago a couple times), playing with some great combos, being given the opportunity to share my original music at some of the local spiritual centers and now being the Music Director for One World Spiritual Center and also often being asked to pariticipate in benefit concerts, internet radio shows, book interviews, and to help others out with vocals on their own albums and podcasts.

Life is good and I am very blessed to have a group of terrific fans and friends who support me and want me to succeed to my fullest. To those of you who are among that group, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I would never have fathomed doing any of things I do today with my music without you, your encouragement, and sometimes the occasional kick in the ass.

Love you all,    ~Asha

A Voice With Heart

“With a voice as vibrant and bright as Linda Ronstadt and a musical style that’s been compared to Hootie and the Blowfish, Asha Lightbearer has been singing and writing heartfelt music since the age of 6. Her debut album, Move Ahead, highlighted her ability to create catchy, uplifting tunes, while her new songs like That’s How You Love Me and Welcome Home, Fiona have blown away audiences with their intensity and emotion. Asha’s performances will move you and keep you coming back for more!”

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